Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Girl's Nursery: The Details!

Here are more detailed pictures of our daughter's nursery. My husband did all the painting and woodwork--I'm the decorator. 

We had the bedding made and used it to start for colors.

Her Shadow Box

I matched the fabric and made the bows for the storage boxes, initials and door picture. My husband painted the initials.

The crib and dresser were cherry and from our first son's nursery--repainted they look brand new!


 I found this art free on line, downloaded it, edited it to match the colors of the room and then had it made into a canvas. I also found this frame on discount and my husband painted it for me.

The chandelier was a major debate in our house--my husband--and others--were sure that it would look ridiculous, cheap and gaudy. I made sure I got a very simple, elegant fixture that would be delicate enough for a baby's room--and beautiful. Everyone loved it once it was up. My husband also painted a ceiling medallion for me.

Again, home-made art. I tried to make a canvas of the quote, but didn't like the way it looked--so I came back to a simple print.

We had a built-in to begin with, but with cupboards. I asked my husband to convert it to open storage space--so much prettier!

I love the calming grey of the walls and the very simple pops of pink here and there. I like pink, but didn't want the usual overwhelming look. I love this room--it is so relaxing.

The chair was recovered in a white denim-like fabric with grey piping. The pillow cases were also made to match the bedding.

View from the hallway

When we moved into our home, they had placed hooks on the doors that we didn't like--but couldn't get off without damaging the doors. I ended up making a door hangar and I like it.

I also asked him to add bead board to the backs of the shelves so you didn't see the plain wall-love how it turned out!

I love the look of light mercury glass--found this cute lamp base and added an old, petite shade. Also, the table was originally black--but I loved the fir top--so my husband painted that and cut it down to size to fit the refinished chair.

Again, mercury glass and small pink flower arrangements to give a simple pop of color above the window.

Love the finished product! Still thinking I'll make a few tweaks on wall-art, but otherwise--so happy!