Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Day: 21-Day Challenge Complete!

So today should mark the start of a new--GOOD--habit and the completion of a goal! Today is the 21st and remember we started our first challenge on January 1st knowing that it takes 3 weeks to establish a new habit. Did you do it? Did you set ONE GOAL and live it? Are you ready for the next 21-day challenge so you can let those new, positive habits add up to finally checking off your list of recurring New Year's Resolutions?! I'm happy to say, I did well--only missed 3 out of 21 days. So, if you aren't on board yet--and you're realizing that 3 weeks of the New Year have passed and you haven't even started with that new list of goals, try this method out! Come along. Spend the next 10 days establishing your first new habit and prepare for the 2nd 21-day challenge coming February 1st! Remember, ONE GOAL AT A TIME FOR 21-DAYS. Establish the habit before you add more goals and let those good habits ADD UP TO A NEW YOU!